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Here you may recall  our past Navy friends and co-workers on the NAVCOMPARS, the LDMX and the many systems that grew from  them (i.e. RIXT, NAVMACS, CUDIXS, PCMT, GATEGUARD, FOTACS, MMS). Recall and add to the history of their planning, development,  maintenance, and implementation of the NAVCOMPARS from 1972 to retirement in 2003.   Find where many  friends and co-workers are today, where they have been and what they been doing on"lesser efforts"  in the NCP Directory.

E-mail me to add or edit your history and doings with old friends, or to add some personal history insights to the "legacy" systems.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

It is 2015 Happy New Year

I resolve to update the site some this year.

2014 ended was like many of your emails say - way too much time with Doctors, but still on top of the grass! I had way too many things inserted in to bottom exits only end! Doc's found non-aggressive prostate cancer (7 spots, Gleason 6), treated with five 20 minute sessions radiation every other day to 15 Dec.  Then Doc's say I am free of the cancer for "rest of natural life" - Eh!? I was already good for that! Will see if I can put of this maybe added time on Navy Days web site updates I have stored.

I remain a successful parent with kids out of house and making a living.  Have 4 grand kids 3 boys, and the girlie-est Tom BoyI have ever seen!  She dresses colour coordinate to get muddy, etc. while cable to beat her older brother and friends biking and skateboarding!

Well have to go, half of grand kids here and want the computer. HOpe all had great Xmas and a great new year.

7:28 am est

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dick Lynch Passed 21 Aug 2011
Found the sad news on return from week at Nags Head. Obit and information has been posted in the NCP Directory.
3:31 pm est

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Yes, still planning to get fixed (year plus later)
Would love to say having too much fun, but would not be quite true.  Side tracked into family items, having AutocadLt2011 update kick my butt.  The damns *#%&%& Autodesk decided to foll the Bill Gates policy of change everything so it looks different and we will tell you what and how to use your computer!!!  Except of course many, many exisiting issues and holes.  Then found need to move a bunch of stuff into Excel and need to learn macros and VBA to get anything really done! But, if do can get out of my application that does it all and give to some other volunteers to handle as they use Excel.

Hope all are having fun.

2:37 pm est

Friday, May 28, 2010

Excel 2003 "isblank" function - seems worthless
Well not doing anything on this site as you can likely  tell.  Been playing with Excel to find that the function ISBLANK in 2003 veson does not find a cell blank if the cell has a forumula which fills the cell with three spaces.  Once again I  am #%&%$ Microsoft and Xerox and Apple for not putting Mr. Gate out business nor with """" either.  Hopfully after the holiday I will have resolved my Excel problems and can get back to updating the site.  So much to add and number of new people to add.  And of course Face Book is well not my cup of tea about all I should say about it.  Art Lyndon should appreciate my more mellow thoughts at least.

All have great holiday and of course have fun.
5:00 pm est

Friday, April 23, 2010

BH Navy Days - also a face book group
Finally, using the host site builder application go a pretty site together and most of what you viewd linked.  Much more to do, but looks better I am sure you will agree.   Also, joined Face Book - created a private group for us to exchange thing to share with old gang and co-employees.  Now to figure out how it works.
3:55 pm est

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