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Here you may recall  our past Navy friends and co-workers on the NAVCOMPARS, the LDMX and the many systems that grew from  them (i.e. RIXT, NAVMACS, CUDIXS, PCMT, GATEGUARD, FOTACS, MMS). Recall and add to the history of their planning, development,  maintenance, and implementation of the NAVCOMPARS from 1972 to retirement in 2003.   Find where many  friends and co-workers are today, where they have been and what they been doing on"lesser efforts"  in the NCP Directory.

E-mail me to add or edit your history and doings with old friends, or to add some personal history insights to the "legacy" systems.

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Monday, March 30, 2009

12 Sept 2009 - another start
Again, I have gotten back to updating and fixing up the site.  This time using the new site-bulder application at the host.  It is slow as hell, but has pretty graphics and does auto backups for me.  But memory and disk space are no issue to today's programmers.

I will link to most of my old pages from the "pretty" pages which they have made a bit of task. Mainly wish to use their quick and easy setup for this Blog (which I am learning) and their photogallery application after I get most of the stuff setup.
7:20 am est

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