Bart Barazzone, 66; Deputy Chief of Staff at NAVTELCOM

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From: Philippi, Denise CIV (CNNWC)
e-mailed Thursday, January 02, 2003 Subject: Passing of an old co-worker

I'm sadden to have to send this email out to all of you and I hope that you pass it on to all that knew, worked with and loved Bart Barazzone. Bart passed away this morning in his home in Lusby Maryland (outside of Solomons). He is survived by his wife, Rosaleen, his son Patrick, two daughters, Monique and LeLe (plus some grandchildren and a sister and brother).

Monique and others will be going to the funeral home tomorrow to make plans, so I don't have any at this time to share. I do know that the family would love to hear from Bart's former co-workers and friends. The address for the Barazzone's is as follows: [Removed, friends contact BH]

I know my email address list is short above, but unfortunately I don't have a lot of email addresses for some of the "old timers" (Carl Rhudy, Hyla Miller, Dave Johnson, Tom Stone, Adm. Campbell, Ron Zell, and too many more) if you know someone that would like to know about the passing of Bart, please pass this on.

Once more details are available, I will provide them. Meanwhile, please keep Rosaleen, Patrick, Monique, LeLe and the rest of the family in your prayers.

Bart may have passed from this earth, but not from our hearts... Denise

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Griff Harrison sent 20 Apr 07
Not everyone will remember Eric Wolf as he was the NACOSSACT TD during the early days of the NAVCOMPARS - maybe even pre-NAVCOMPARS. Karl Calo replaced Eric as TD, as I remember.
Bruce Arnold and Bill Bryson probably know for sure.
When I joined BBN in 1984, Eric was one of the managers who had helped set-up the BBN Arlington office some years previously.
- Griff

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