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Visitors and many of those brought together may want to know who I am and . . .

My info

My site for a great team that developed the NAVCOMPARS and those I worked with over the many years (1972) of its development, world wide installation, and support until I retired in 2000 and it was retired in May 2002. To help us maintain contact as we move to "lesser" efforts.

Steve Otto some years ago ha the foresight to grab the domain and has allowed me to make use of it to begin my Navy Days site to maintain contact with a great group of people around the world.  Then finally figured, "Hell, let BH pay for it now and I'll use part of for my stuff as he as been doing!"  And moved oout West to go soaring.  

Here I'll describe why I started this blog and describe the topics I'm primarily interested in covering in it. [starter text for the application someday will change it -bh]


This could be a picture of me, my town, or a recent trip I took, but is not.