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I was going to setup a blog via my host site, but lot of work and I am just getting older and slower. So...

 The inital text here said, "What I love about the web is the opportunity to share my thoughts with others. But I also like to hear what others think, and to exchange ideas."

Well, April 21 set up a (see) face book private group "BH Navy Days" only for  old friends and co-workers who contact me to join.  Seemed like a good idea, but here on 23 April 2010 not sure.  Face Book is holding ameeting of 10 or more different groups ans subjects all in the same meeting room at the same time, but members arriving and leaving at different times with meeting continuing.  Makes most government meetings actually look productive!  I expect in the end they will do a much better job than I would or at least less for me to do.  --have fun.